Oakland County, Michigan

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The Woodward 5 is a quintet of cities and two school districts, centrally located along six miles of the Woodward Corridor, forming the cultural hot zone in Metro Detroit.

Anywhere you want to go is never far away.

This dynamic hub offers a compelling mix of urban sophistication, architectural diversity and cultural drive. Comprised of three thriving downtowns and established neighborhoods, The Woodward 5 boasts strong schools and a distinctive, close-knit community that welcomes people with a zest for living out loud.

300+ Unique shops and boutiques
275+ Places to eat or get a drink.
100+ Events happening every year.
80+ Family parks 30+ Art galleries
3 golf courses 2 ice arenas, 2 skate parks and 1 zoo

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How do you know a city is alive and well? Go downtown, of course. Berkley has a

downtown and it's teeming with life.
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Ferndale has long enjoyed a reputation for the kind of vitality that comes from free spirits
going their own way in a tight-knit community of people.

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Huntington Woods

Woodward corridor. Architectural gems by Kahn, Saarinen and Yamasaki grace tree-lined streets prized of their safety and peaceful vibrations.

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Pleasant Ridge

Designated as an historic community, Pleasant Ridge offers residential charm in an urban location.

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Royal Oak

They say you can't live where you play. Obviously they don't know Royal Oak. It's true that no other downtown in Metro Detroit can compete with the ...

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